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**Overstock Sale color: #4/14/24B, #6/30, #12/30, #14/27/25, #16/22, #17/101, #22, #29H, #31/130, #33, #140/22, #140/27, #2026H, #3329H, #T27/33B (Please check our local or online distributors for special price!) ** 

  • Special Features

Velvet Front Hair line

Capless Open Top construction

Adjustable Hooks

Flexible Velvet Ear Tap

Ultima 4013-II

  • Bang:          4.25"

    Crown:       4.25"

    Nape:          4.0"

    Weight:     2.7oz

    Cap Size:  Average

    Color Shown:   T6/8/28

    Cap Construction: 100% Wefted


    **Please note: there are some color differences due to different resolution settings of the monitor and light source.

  • Mid length, choppy layered style with a trendy, compassionate feature. You’ll feel it was made with care. It features secure adjustable hooks and flexible velvet ear tap to keep it from slipping off on the dance floor.


    Designed by Louis Ferre


    The  spirit of endless research and development for supreme quality and design has been the tradition of Louis Ferre for the past  40 years.

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