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**Overstock Sale color: #6/8/28, #6/30, #12, #14/27/25, #14/28/25, #30, #140/27 (Please check our local or online distributors for special price!) **

Abigail 7032

  • Bang:       4.75"

    Crown:        5"

    Nape:          6"

    Weight:      3.3oz

    Cap Size:  Average

    Color Shown:    29H

    Cap Construction: Illusion Front, Mono Top (Hand-Tied),  Machine Back


    **Please note: there are some color differences due to different resolution settings of the monitor and light source.

  • Shaggy, yet smooth layered waves at neckline length features the Monosystem® top for a carefree, and fashionable fit. Add a stylish finishing touch to any outfit with this elegant style. The quality of this wig sets it apart from other wigs.

    It features tear-proof P.U. enforced construction and No-slip grip ear tap to keep it from slipping.


    Design by Louis Ferre


    Our finest crystal Net with newly developed Illusion Front hairline creates an impeccable simulation of natural hair growth. This lightweight design gives you style versatility and our unique capless feature offers ultimate comfort. Stretchable machine made back for added fit and comfort.


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